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Larchet: “God, in effect, does not grant healing unless it is asked of him…”

Dr. Jean-Claude Larchet (1949-    ) is a French Orthodox theologian and is one of the foremost Patristics scholars writing today.   Dr. Larchet converted to the Orthodox Church from the Roman Catholic Church at the age of 22.  He holds doctorates in philosophy (1987) and theology (1994) from the University of Strasbourg.



Dr. Jean-Claude Larchet


“God, in effect, does not grant healing unless it is asked of him, for he has granted man free will and in all the cases respects his will and will not act against it. However, the will of the individual is not always fully at his disposal. . .Those who are disturbed in a significant way cannot even ask for their own healing or give evidence of their faith. . . And yet it is possible for such individuals to be delivered and healed thanks to the faith and the prayers of those around them or accompanying them, as well as to those of the saint to whom they are entrusted.”  ~  Mental Disorders & Spiritual Healing: Teachings from the Early Christian East


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